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Server rules

Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:46 pm

Breaking any of the following rules can result in a permanent ban without warning. Those rules are also written on the server.

  • Extremism: This includes names like Hitler, everything related to extreme regimes and extreme ideologies, Left and Right.
  • Racism or discrimination of any kind. 
  • Offending other players or regiments.
  • Spamming recruitment messages and recruiting without tags.
  • Impersonating admins or wearing regimental tags without being in that regiment; game admins joining with a false name is included.
  • Intentionally team killing and hitting, trolling including with Molotov's, blocking arty, and destroying friendly sapper works.
  • Wasting build points and stealing cannons: The first one to load a cannon owns it until his death. Furthermore, sharing is optional.
  • Glitching of sapper works to prevent entry to ANY area of ANY fort or ramps through the floor.
  • Glitching earthworks at all.

  • Recruiting, 1 message per round per reg. (don't spam).
  • All languages.
  • Shit building: you can build anything as long as it serves the team, if an admin decides it doesn't help the team its because it doesn't so do not argue back.

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