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Re: Differences between Stalin and Hitler

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:05 pm
by Maximilien
 or people who believe that Stalin was as bad as Hitler. 
Sums up my opinion an Stalin quite well, since I believe Stalin abused someone who believed in something better.
I would still praise Mr Assad. So what would you say in this regard? 
Probably the same as above.
Mr. Assad got the praise of his people, because he wanted to go against corruption.
But how is it he maintains power? Who opposes him in "A legal" election?
I do not have high hopes for Mr. Assad, but time will tell. 
I have seen Assad's Syria right before the war, and it was no hell for those who were living there, nothing that can be compared to the disaster of the so-called civil war. On the contrary it was clear that there was religious tolerance, and the religious minorities were protected. Freedom of religion is the most important of all rights, and the first that was acquired in Western countries, at the price of much blood. I have no doubt that Assad had support from the majority before the war, and I believe that the support is now much stronger because he's seen as a war leader now.

The same happened with Stalin, he was much praised all over the world at the end of the war, including in the USA. But then Cold war propaganda completely changed public opinion. In Russia, those who are the more supportive of Stalin's USSR are not the youth, they are the old ones who witnessed Stalin's era.

Here we have different polls conducted in France, and the question was: "Which was, in your opinion, the nation that contributed the most to the defeat of Germany in 1945?"
As you can guess, for those who suffered from the atrocities of the war in France, this question was very important and of course it also determined how they would see Stalin himself. The public opinion that we have today, completely hostile to Stalin (and the USSR), equating Stalin and Hitler, is indeed the result of a great amnesia which is the consequence of Cold war propaganda.