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12th East Suffolk Regiment

Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:46 pm

Image12th East Suffolk Regiment *Officially Recruiting*Image

Welcome to the 12th East Suffolk Regiment page. We are officially recruiting for more and more people to come and join our regiment, and take part in our events. Our events consist of:
Tuesday Training at 6:30pm GMT
Wednesday Line Battle at 6:30pm GMT
Sunday Line Battle at 6:30pm GMT
1vs1 Linebattle / Groupfighting at 6:30pm GMT (Whenever we can organise one)

We have a very strong core of members and are looking forward to meeting more members to spend our time with and have some fun in this game. 
How to join
To join the 12th East Suffolk Regiment, add the following people on steam:

Contact these people and they will help you out with all you need to know!


What will you learn?

As you can see we do a training every week on a Tuesday at 6:30pm GMT. This training will involve exercises that focus on main aspects in the game when we fighting in a Linebattle. 

Why should you join?
By playing with us you will learn how to play the game at a more advanced level. The game will also improve your socialising and communication skills, by using teamwork in Groupfights. 

Out of event time
When we are not in an event. We like to play other games with the people that are in our regiment. So if you want to play a game with someone, jump on teamspeak and ask someone, and they will play with you if they are free. 

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